About RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy

RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy is part of RelyOn Nutec, an internationally operating company specialised in the safety of people and organizations.

RelyOn Nutec is a business built on decades of trust. We go back a long way, but we are continually moving forward. Everything we do is about safety training and competence.

RelyOn Nutec offers advice, education and training to professionals from the offshore, maritime and wind energy sector and industrial and public fire brigades. In the Netherlands, RelyOn Nutec has two training centres in the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We prepare professionals and emergency services to prevent and fight incidents in a realistic training environment, with realistic incident scenarios. Together with our customers we have been ensuring the safety of their employees and organisations for more than 35 years. We ensure that our customers are competent and optimally prepared for emergency situations and, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, are able to go beyond compliancy.

RelyOn Nutec has 37 training centres across 21 countries worldwide.

For more information please visit www.relyonnutec.com 

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