Mission, vision & values

Our mission:

To improve safety for people, businesses & society through the RelyOn Nutec 360° safety cycle

As the safety partner of our business and individual customers, we give them the full overview of their safety by using the 360° safety cycle. This highlights every risk to their safety and enables us to establish and deliver comprehensive, customized safety solutions for them.

In taking the 360° perspective for our customers in oil and gas, maritime, industry, renewables and other sectors vital to the worldwide community, we improve safety for society as a whole.

Our vision:

To be the no. 1 global safety partner providing complete and lasting safety competencies that go beyond compliance

We strive to extend our global reach and be the preferred safety partner throughout the world. We constantly push to set new standards of safety that account for all risks within the 360° safety cycle and ensure we deliver lasting safety competencies for our customers that go beyond compliance.

Our values:

Safety is our business. It's in our blood. That's why people trust us. Our values establish the personality and tone of the RelyOn Nutec brand; lending from our heritage and combined with the dynamic, comprehensive perspective that 360° safety delivers:

We are the reliable safety partner you can trust. We make sure that we deliver on our promises. You can rely on our safety solutions to be comprehensive and personalized to your specific circumstances. We are above all a competent solutions partner and take our business seriously – beyond just compliance.

We are a global leader in safety services because we set some of the highest standards of safety in the industry. This means we take responsibility for delivering service that goes beyond compliance and engenders a safety culture within our customers – both individuals and organizations.

As your proactive safety partner, we are never just a supplier of safety training. We take responsibility for understanding and delivering all the safety needs of your entire organization and highlighting previously unconsidered issues.

We aspire to take the lead on innovation in the safety sector. This includes developing new digital tools and platforms for your safety solutions. We spend time and resources thinking about how we can innovate our processes and offering to optimize our customers' safety.