Municipal fire services

Control and mitigate the impact of incidents

RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy has acquired many years of experience in Government Fire Brigade training at all levels, from fire brigade fire fighters through to junior and senior officer training, taking best practices from around the world. All our courses for the international market follow the international recognised NFPA (National Fire protection standards) and for incident command system model from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

We specialise not only in basic firefighting but also hazardous materials response, rescue, ship firefighting and industrial firefighting. Rescue training includes situations from enclosed spaces, urban search and rescue, vehicles, rope rescue operator or technician levels and working and rescue at heights.
RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy has also a worldwide recognised training, specialised in extrication techniques which incorporates a unique seven-step Systematic Approach to Vital Emergency Response (SAVER Method), developed by the International Centre for Emergency Techniques (ICET).

Tailor made training
An emergency response organisation requires regulatory training to optimize its performance or maybe to train for specific situations. Our sales advisors will discuss your needs and offer a tailor-made programme, to make sure your organisation remains well trained and operating efficiently.
The learning objectives and content are determined after consultation with one of our sales advisors.

Our consultants have developed the Safety Cycle concept to structure an Emergency Response development or optimization process. This is a proven concept to review and assess Emergency Response organizations on their capabilities, competences, training programs and skills.

Education & Training
We offer a number of educations programmes for all levels of a response organisation from First Responders up to crisis managers. Each program is designed to ensure that each level has the necessary competence to act effectively and bring the incident under control as soon as possible by taking the correct (control) measures.

More information 
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