Safety & quality

Within our organisation safety, health, environment and quality (SHEQ) have the highest priority, because it is essential to the existence of the company. This commitment fits into the mission statement of RelyOn Nutec Netherlands B.V. to create a safe, trustworthy sustainable service of a high quality. The avoidance of risks during the execution of working activities is a key element. We continuously strive to improve our efforts with regards to SHEQ and use newly developed knowledge and techniques to do so. ​​

Safety regulations

In order to ensure your safety and the safety of others, we kindly ask you to observe and uphold our safety rules. If you fail to do this, you may be denied access to the training area. We hope that you will understand the importance of these guidelines and thank you for your understanding.

Incident management

With our incident management program we aim to prevent accidents and major incidents. This aim is pursued forcefully. All observed risks for safety and health are reduced to a minimum by taking the right precautions. The safety and reliability of our services is according to legal requirements. In cooperation with all parties involved we exert ourselves to reduce the number of incidents as much as possible.

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality (SHE&Q) policy

RelyOn Nutec in the Netherlands is committed to SHE&Q. Our board of directors is committed to integrate Safety, Health, Environment and Quality in all company's operations.

The objectives of the SHEQ policy statement are:

  • to reduce the risks for course participants, employees and visitors to an acceptable level according to the Dutch ARBO law and company standards and as a result reducing possibilities for incidents to occur;
  • to protect the environment according to the Dutch environmental law and recommendations from local environmental departments;
  • continuously improve our organisation to satisfy our customers' demands, this according to international and industry standards;
  • to help improve quality, RelyOn Nutec in the Netherlands is ISO 9001:2000 certified and will strive for a further management system certification.

To reach those objectives we operate following the next conditions:

  • reporting on the course evaluation form;
  • investigating incidents to prevent re-occurrence;
  • performing audits, inspections, meetings, client satisfaction surveys, observations, appraisals;
  • implementing education planning for all personnel;
  • informing all personnel and third parties about SHEQ issues where applicable.

The Director of RelyOn Nutec in the Netherlands will require that in all activities the following rules are adhered to:

  • everybody has his/her own responsibility towards this SHEQ policy;
  • not to commence or stop activities if this cannot be done in a SHEQ responsible way;
  • the obligation to report dangerous occurrences and non-conformities to the responsible persons.


In all our activities we make sure that these will do no damage to or harm the environment in any way. We make use of energy resources in an efficient manner and minimize the emittance of CO2 etc. at all times. We aim to reduce the amount of waste to a minimum and encourage recycling. We are ready to contribute to the control and find possible solutions for social issues which are in any way related to our activities.