RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy Maasvlakte-Rotterdam training centre

The Rotterdam Maasvlakte is home of RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy’s unique multidisciplinary training centre.

Beerweg 71 | 3199 LM Maasvlakte-Rotterdam | The Netherlands | +31 181 376 666

Route description to the training centre

The Rotterdam Maasvlakte is home of RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy’s unique multidisciplinary training centre. After its second relocation in 2018 the new realistic training centre allows participants to train under the realistic circumstances and in the most recognizable possible conditions. The training centre has been designed for both basic skill training and complex team deployments.

Facts Maasvlakte-Rotterdam Training Site

  • Opened in 2018
  • Realistic and recognisable education, training
  • Approximately 6,5 hectares;
  • Underground fire hydrant with clean drinking water, 2.5 bar;
  • Above ground firefighting ring main, 9 bar;
  • Fully enclosed effluent system to treat contaminated fire water
  • Hydrocarbon liquid and gases, carbonaceous solids and use of cryogenic substances used in the training simulations
  • Option to extinguish with foam systems, powder, Co2 and water
  • Training props which include:
    • Process installations
    • Tank storage area
    • Large surface fires
    • A ship
    • An enclosed industrial unit
    • A loading station
    • Pipe trenches and bridges
    • A substation
    • Interior structural fire and compartment fire simulators

Environmentally conscious training
In order to protect the environment, RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy has a closed sewerage system, with its own water purification installation. The closed sewerage system prevents polluted extinguishing water from entering the soil and watercourses. The extinguished water is then purified and recycled, the quality of which is monitored on a regular basis.

The safety of students, staff and visitors is our highest priority in our modern facilities.

Occupational health and hygiene
Regarding the concerns over the occupational health and hygiene risks, in particular interior firefighting, a strict protocol to separate clean and dirty working areas has been adopted.

Safety procedures, safety information and safety awareness of our personnel all contribute to this. All possible measures are taken to contribute to environmental responsibility. Therefore, RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy trains you safely and responsible.

We offer training for:

  • Public emergency services (Fire brigades, Police, Defence, Medical Services)
  • Industry (BRZO/Seveso companies, high risk companies, tank storage)
  • Emergency Response Organisations

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