Gijsbert van Pinxteren - International Account Manager

"After 20 years working for corporate and public fire brigades, I made the switch from the client side to the supply side in 2016. I found a great job at RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy as International Account Manager, where my experience in government and business came in handy. Industrial fire control, risk management, Seveso -guidelines; to all areas in which RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy operates, I was able to bring along knowledge from my previous career. It's important knowledge, because as an account manager you need to know the experiential world of the customer and understand their concerns. With my experience, I'm able to help customers, especially high-risk companies, to solve fundamental security questions."

Dynamic world

“Industrial safety is a dynamic world. The field is mostly internationally in full swing. We have customers from all over the world, who, either because of their own company policy or local legislation, wish to improve on safety within their company and become better prepared for managing incidents. It's great that we at RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy have a team of professionals who can help companies in this process, and that we can thereby do our bit to improving the physical security of the world. The international arena is also interesting because you get a chance to meet people from different cultures. I personally think this is the great thing about my job. It was quite a switch after 20 years of government service, but I was ready for this new step. At RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy, I feel like a fish in water.”