Tank Farm Simulations

Two simulation tables have been constructed which will demonstrate a number of situations


8/31/2017 12:00:00 AM

Tank Farm Simulations

How do you attack a full surface fire on a large atmospheric storage tank? How can you optimise your foam attack? How do the fixed foam systems work? 

Miniaturised tank park simulation

There are many training providers that can offer a tank to extinguish with foam, however these simulations are expensive to run, not only with the cost of fuel and foam concentrate but also a cost to the environment and do not give a complete picture of the intricacies of tank fire fighting. 

However all of the above questions and more can now be answered visually using a miniaturised tank park simulation without the environmental impact. Course delegates can now witness and experience up close the finer details of tank firefighting. 

Credible scenarios

Developed by the Research and Development department of the Falck Fire Academy, this 100th scale representation can demonstrate many of the credible scenarios associated  with tank park incidents.

Simulation tables

Two simulation tables have been constructed which will demonstrate a number of situations including foam chamber effects, subsurface foam systems, rimseal foam pourers, full surface tank fires for ground attack, large bund fires, boilovers etc. Each of the fire simulations are extinguished using a unique micro-foam making system, which will deliver of the qualities proportionally in line of the application rate guidelines for these types of scenarios. 

Studying the foam blanket after the fixed foam chambers have extinguished the foam

Foam laboratory

The tables together with our foam laboratory will be used to cement the understanding in tank firefighting across a number of training. It features in our Tank Fire fighting workshops course which has a blend of theory, practical simulation using the tables and larger scale tank simulations. It may also be utilised according to the clients’ needs where greater awareness on tank firefighting is sought.  

Up close and personal. See how the foam blanket is generated and its effects.

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