Crisis Management Case

Chemical Plant Middle East


10/16/2020 12:00:00 AM

Case Crisis Management

Chemical Plant Middle East

Following a 5 day training in Incident and Crisis management. The CEO of the organisation felt that his organisation needed a third party review of the emergency organisation and their ability to deal with an incident or unforeseen crisis.


  • Review of the existing Emergency response plan.
  • Produce a gap analyse as part of a preliminary report prior to site visit.
  • Site visit to assess personnel, personnel and systems.
  • Publish a final report with findings and recommendations.
  • Provide a training programme to improve the organisation’s capability to deal with crises.


  • More awareness on credible scenarios.
  • An improved emergency response structure with defined roles and responsibilities to enhance interoperability between services.
  • Improved competence for the incident and crisis managers.
  • Improved accountability and risk management of potential hazards before and during an incident.