Cryogenic safety awareness

We can increase your safety awareness of cryogenic liquids in our Cryolab.


3/8/2021 12:00:00 AM

Cryogenic safety awareness

We can increase your safety awareness of cryogenic liquids in our Cryolab. During the demonstrations we discuss how to recognize the behaviour and the safety issues of these liquids, among other things. This is also a good preparation for the practical training at our new LNG training facility.

The demonstrations use liquefied Nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C. This practical session we can show the properties and characteristics of many cryogenic liquids, such as: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Bio-LNG, liquid nitrogen (LIN), oxygen (LIO) and hydrogen (LIH).

Through various demonstrations we explain in our CryoLab about:

  • Behaviour of the cryogenic liquid inside and outside the storage
  • Hazards of the cryogenic liquid
  • Behaviour of the cooled gases when they are released to the environment, called Boil-off Gas (BOG)
  • Characteristics of equipment and materials after exposure to cryogenic liquids
  • Changes to personal protective equipment properties when in contact with cryogenic liquids

Target audiences
The CryoLab demonstrations are interesting for:

  1. Persons who work with cryogenic liquids in a company or for their profession:
    1. Operators on loading facilities i.e. road tankers or ship bunkering.
    2. production process operators and users
    3. truckdrivers who have LNG as a fuel means to drive the road tanker
    4. cryogenic laboratories
    5. public sector (general information)
    6. crewmembers of ships that sail on LNG
  2. Persons who may be involved after the release of cryogenic liquids as a result of incidents and accidents:
    1. First responders
    2. Public fire brigade
    3. Company fire brigades that have cryogenic liquids in their business process
    4. Specialists in incident management (including road management)

More information
Are you interested in a demonstration in our CryoLab? We can both perform the demonstrations at our training centre and at your location. Contact us for the possibilities via or +31(0) 181 376 666.