LNG training facilities

Now open for training!


3/25/2021 12:00:00 AM

LNG training facilities

Now open for training!

For the last four months, we have been working hard on completing the building of our new LNG training facility at RelyOn Nutec Rotterdam. We opened our first LNG facility in 2014, and with the move to our new location in 2018 we seized the opportunity to further improve and expand our LNG training capabilities.

In addition to our original offering of training on LNG liquid pool fires, you now have the added choice of training on leaks and seals, increasing your skills and knowledge of LNG firefighting.

LNG training options
As of today you can train on:

✔ Small-scale LNG flange, pipe and valve leaks and sealing leaks
✔ Connecting and disassembling LNG safety equipment
✔ LNG flange leakage with fire
✔ LNG evaporating liquid pool fire

With this expansion of our capabilities, we continue to offer the most comprehensive training opportunities in Europe. 

In order to broaden your understanding and optimally prepare you for the LNG practical training, we offer various demonstrations of cryogenic liquids in our CryoLab, where we explain:

✔ Behaviour and hazards of cryogenic liquids
✔ Behaviour of the cooled gases when they are released in to the environment
✔ Characteristics of equipment and materials after exposure to cryogenic liquids
✔ Changes to personal protective equipment properties when in contact with cryogenic liquids

We are planning the official opening for Q3 2021, and you will be informed of the exact date as soon as possible. You can already train with LNG at our training centre. Interested? Please  contact us on fireacademy@nl.relyonnutec.com or +31 181 376 666.