1-day Tank firefighting workshop

This training is designed to Increase awareness on the fixed and mobile firefighting systems available in tank and bund firefighting with a tailored theoretical session and demonstrations utilising a scaled Tank Farm Workshop Simulator.

Aim & objectives

  • Gives insight into the types of atmospheric tanks, Tank bunds and there construction characteristics
  • Understand the types of fixed protection systems on atmospheric storage tanks
  • Demonstrate visually the effectiveness of fixed firefighting systems
  • Demonstrate the tactics and techniques using mobile apparatus on tank fires.


  • tank construction
  • firefighting provisions
  • types of fire scenarios
  • working effect of fixed foam chambers
  • working effect of rim seal pourers
  • sub and semi subsurface systems
  • mobile attack on full surface fires
  • mobile attack on bund fires
  • slope froth and boil over characteristics


1 day

More information and booking
For more information or if you want to book a course, please contact our Customer Services centre on: +31 181 376 666 or fireacademy@nl.relyonnutec.com