Hazmat commander

This course provides the tools a person needs to assume control of an emergency response to a hazardous materials incident. It focuses on the practical requirements to safely and competently manage a hazardous materials incident. Instructional methods include class activities, case studies, and table top exercises, with an emphasis on hands- on decision-making.

Aim & objectives
At the end of the training the participants we be able to implement a response to a hazardous material incident within the scope of their capabilities.


  • implement the incident command system
  • analyse, plan, implement and evaluate response to a hazmat incident
  • hazards and risks associated with employees working in chemical protective clothing
  • implementation of the local emergency response plan
  • importance of decontamination procedures
  • documentation for a hazardous materials incident, including training records, exposure records, incident reports, and critique reports

2 days

RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy certification, according to NFPA 1072 Chapter 8

More information and booking
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