Hazmat operations level

This course is designed for personnel respond to hazardous material incidents for the purpose of implementing or supporting actions to protect nearby persons, the environment or assets from the effects of the release. The training is enhanced with a number of mission specific tasks such as donning specific personal protective clothing, Technical decontamination and product control.

Aim & objectives
The aims and objectives of the training are to equip the delegate with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the role of hazardous material technician in accordance with the job performance requirements laid down in NFPA 1072 Chapter 5.


  • identifying potential hazards
  • identify potential actions
  • implement an action plan
  • emergency decontamination
  • progress evaluation
  • selecting the correct PPE for the assignment
  • performing technical decontamination for entry operations
  • performing limited product control techniques
  • practical scenario training

Hazardous material operator level training

5 days

RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy Certification, according to NFPA 1072 Chapter 5 and 6

More information and booking
For more information or if you want to book a course, please contact our Customer Services centre on: +31 181 376 666 or fireacademy@nl.relyonnutec.com