Industrial Fire Brigade Incident Commander (IFBIC)

A major objective of any organization is to prevent incidents that might affect the safety and health of people, reputation, production or process disturbance or threatens the continuity of the organization.

Emergency management and crisis management are inter-changeably used. Therefore, RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy has developed this 5 days to train people to become a competent Commander.

Training program
The aims and objectives of the training program are to equip the delegate with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to perform the role of a Industrial Fire Brigade Incident Commander effectively.

The principal of RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy training standards covers the training for positions in onshore operations, response to incident and emergency situations by operators/ first responders, industrial fire fighters, incident commanders and the crisis management team. It is built on four levels, that are related to the impact of incidents and roles in the operational and response organization.

RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy will maintain, develop and update these standards. This training has been accredited by JOIFF and is according to NFPA standards.



  • Command and Control
  • Emergency response activities (hydrocarbon liquid spills and releases, and un-ignited flammable and toxic gas releases, fires)
  • Elements of teamwork and leadership
  • Calculating resource requirements
  • Communication
  • Cooling, extinguishing and dispersion techniques
  • E.M.P.
  • Pre-incident planning
  • Safety and leadership


  • Computer based scenario’s practical
  • Tank incident case study
  • Foam demo’s, spill fires and tank incidents
  • Flammable gas release case study
  • Exercise focusing on command and control

Participation in this training program is open to delegates who have a managerial role in an emergency response organization in the industry.

Number of participants
Minimum 8 and maximum 12 persons per group.

5 days

NFPA 1021: qualification for fire Officer
NFPA 1081: qualification for industrial fire brigade member
ICS 300: qualification for intermediate incident commander

More information and booking
For more information or if you want to book a course, please contact our Customer Services centre on: +31 181 376 666 or