Real time scenario training

The real time scenario will be used to give the team the experience to act in a crisis situation, by putting the participants under pressure in a realistic setting, using the resources made available for an incident.

Aim & objectives
The aim and objective of real time scenario training are to let the delegates experience functioning in a CMT while they are under pressure of real time/fast development of the situation, conflict of interests and lack of or nonaligned information. Real time training based on local credible scenario (all helpers out of the ring, scenario development in the lead, injects by training staff).


  • development of the roles in crisis management situations
  • further experience in how to think and act at a strategic level and the strategic dilemma’s that need to be handled
  • development of the decision-making process
  • experiencing in the dilemma’s that are part of crisis management (information overload, time pressure)
  • learning to make use of the standard meeting agenda

More information 
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