Rope rescue technician level 2

The Rope Rescue Technician course is an advanced course that will bring participants to the level of Rope Rescue Technician and meets all requirements for NFPA 1670 Chapter 4 Rope Rescue Technician and NFPA 1006 Technical Rescuer Level II Chapter 4.

Aim & objectives
The aims and objectives of this training are to equip the delegate with the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform complex rescue activities and to provide supervision to operator level personnel.


  • team management
  • rope rescue physics
  • load factors, critical angles, constructing multi-point anchor systems
  • passing knots in systems
  • negotiating obstacles, offsets
  • constructing artificial high directional anchors
  • constructing high line rope systems

Rope rescue operator level 1

10 days

RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy Certification, according to NFPA 1006

More information and booking
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