Structural and compartment fire dynamics

Interior fires are particularly hazardous to the responder. This course designed to give existing breathing apparatus wearers the awareness and skills for firefighting in environments involving complex fire dynamics, such as building compartment fires.

Aim & objectives
The aims and objectives of the Initial Training Program are to equip the delegate with the necessary knowledge, understanding and skills to perform search and rescue activities. The delegates will also learn to recognise the dangers associated with compartment fire behaviour.


  • search and rescue techniques;
  • the precautions and techniques associated with compartment fires;
  • practical exercises involving nozzle techniques to minimize the effects of smoke;
  • temperature convection in a developing fire.

Delegates should hold a valid certificate for wearer self-contained breathing apparatus and be medically fit and capable of participating in the course.

2 days

RelyOn Nutec Certification, according to NFPA 1081 Interior Structural Fire Brigade Member

More information and booking
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