Table top basic crisis management training

In this session the crisis management team will be confronted with typical scenarios to get used to the roles in the team, the process of the CMT meeting clock and the dilemmas that a crisis management team has to deal with. The CMT is guided in its process.

Aim & objectives
The aim and objective of the table-top training is to make the delegates familiar with the process of CMT and working with a meeting clock, understand dilemmas of a CMT and experience functioning in a CMT. Table top training, based on local credible scenario (guided process, hand held, little injects by facilitators).


  • roles in crisis management situations and the different tasks and responsibilities
  • experience how to think and act at a strategic level and the strategic dilemma’s that need to be handled
  • experience how the decision-making process works
  • experience the dilemma’s that are part of crisis management (information overload, time pressure)
  • learn to make use of the standard meeting agenda

More information 
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