Incident Command System Training ICS 200

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The Incident Command System is used to coordinate all command and control functions to resolve incidents of all sizes or major events. It is necessary to provide focus and interoperability to all agencies and their personnel who are called upon in the event of an incident or complex event.

Target group
Personnel who have a role within the Incident Command System, who have to command a single resource unit during initial phases of incidents, such as fire crew commander / production unit supervisors.

A good understanding of the English Language. Maybe conducted in other languages depending on the client’s needs.

Training program
Course objectives
On concluding the training the participants will be able to:

  • Describe chain of command and formal communication relationships, identify common leadership responsibilities, describe span of control and modular development and describe the use of position titles
  • Describe span of control
  • Describe delegation of authority
  • Define management objectives
  • Explain the importance of preparedness
  • Describe the functions within the organisation
  • Identify the ICS tools needed to manage
  • Carry out an incident briefing
  • Analysing incident complexity and incident levels
  • Describe the process to transfer incident command
  • Demonstrate during scenario-based training competencies of the incident commander

Each participant will receive an individual performance assessment based on the competency requirements for the role.

2 days


Training Location
RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy
Beerweg 71
3199 LM Maasvlakte-Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Course fee/person on request, including 2 continental lunches and a RelyOn Nutec certificate, excluding hotel accommodation, local transport and VAT.

More information or registration of delegates: or +31(0) 181 376 666