Virtual reality

Virtual reality for fire team leaders
This is a computer-based training to help give the delegates the chance to develop and practise the skills and procedures necessary to deal with unexpected incidents. In the XVR environment a wide range of typically industrial incidents can be simulated like: interactive gas release, interactive fire, Interactive spill etc. As result of the gas release we can set explosion limits that will be interactive with the students. It’s also possible to have interactive weather conditions that will have an effect on the gas cloud and smoke.

Aim & objectives
The learning objectives differ depending upon the group to be trained. Team leader will concentrate on communications, safety management for the intervention teams, decision making processes and priority setting to carry out the tactical objectives of the Incident Commander.


  • approach to the incident
  • dynamic risk assessment
  • safety management
  • control of resources
  • communications
  • setting priorities
  • selecting tactical modes
  • evaluation of objectives

Initial fire team leader training

1 day

RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy certificate, according to NFPA 1081  

More information and booking
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